Pursuit Compassion Center serves people throughout the Puget Sound region, providing help to people in need through various initiatives including:

Youth Group

Daycare and Preschool 

Financial Aid for Food,
Housing, Transportation
and Utilities

People in need can make inquiries at:

Those in need do not need prior affiliation with PURSUIT, although relationship with PURSUIT is helpful in best identifying and prioritizing needs.

Financial gifts to PURSUIT Compassion Center can be designated; including financial gifts; more information is available at the link below.

PURSUIT Compassion Center is not currently accepting gifts of material such as food and clothes.

Donations to PURSUIT Compassion Center are tax deductible; PURSUIT is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  Gifts to PURSUIT Compassion Center may be eligible for corporate-matching-gift programs.

When giving to PURSUIT Compassion Center, please designate “compassion” or “benevolence”. Gifts can be made only or through a variety of means including mail (address below).

Thank you for your generous support