The Pursuit Leadership Network (PLN) is a network of ministers, ministry associates and Christian leaders working across denominational lines, building intentional relationships for the purpose of connection, fellowship and the extension of the Kingdom of God.



Who is this for?

Ministers, leaders, pastors, etc., who find themselves looking for connection and development either outside the context of a traditional denominational system or in addition to an already existent church affiliation.


What we see...

  • We see the local church as God's primary entity to fulfill the great commission.

  • We see that as leaders of local churches and other ministries, we are designed to work together with other like-minded leaders, churches, networks and fellowships for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

What we want...

  • We want other like-minded ministers and leaders to be a part of this family.

  • we want to provide you with access to the relationships, tools and environments you desire, fr you to be the faithful and productive servant of God that He is calling you to be.

  • Furthermore, we want to encourage you to invest in and positively impact other ministers around you, as well as those coming behind you - building and leaving legacy.

  • We want to provide a platform for...

    • Intentional relationship

    • Purposeful connection

    • Sharing of ideas, resources, strategy and intellect

What PLN is not...

  • We are not building a denomination.

  • We are not a fellowship of churches.

  • We are not a licensing or ordaining entity outside of the local church


What we are...

  • We are committed to seeing His Kingdom come and His will being done across national and ethic barriers, boundaries and borders.

  • We are an active relational fellowship of ministers, ministry associates and Christian leaders.

  • We are dedicated to working together across denominational and ministry network lines for the extension of the Kingdom.

  • We are devoted to fostering mutual care and concern among PLN team members - and beyond.

Benefits by Design

To assist PLN members in the building of quality relationships through connection and actionable fellowship, PLN is designed to facilitate opportunities like the following:

  • Seminar/Conference events that will help build your core and inspire you to be a servant-leader at your optimum

  • Refreshing sessions with recognized leaders and fathers in the faith

  • Roundtable discussions fostering healthy servant-leadership and Kingdom strategy

  • Special access to exceptional guests who will challenge, inspire, build and equip you

  • Intentional times of prayer, seeking God together for the Holy Spirit's empowerment and encouragement to bring increased health and vitality, vision and purpose

  • Access to partner ministry schools, Bible colleges and training programs

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Ministry related resources to be used for both personal an church-wide development



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